Max Polyakov, Managing Partner at Noosphere Ventures, will appraise medicine-focused projects in London at the Medical & Biological Startup Challenge in May 2018. In 2015, Max Polyakov co-founded the Vernadsky Challenge to help engineering startups get off the ground. The event is held annually in Dnipro by Max Polyakov’s Noosphere.

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The healthcare industry has seen drastic changes through the rocketing use of medical wearables, a wide variety of health apps, and the digitalization and greater availability of healthcare data for consumers. It goes without saying that new technologies in the field of biology and medicine are drastically changing our lives and shaping our future. Max Polyakov, Managing Partner at Noosphere Ventures, keeps up with medical technology innovations and finds it crucial to support startups aimed at solving biological problems. This is why he has agreed to appraise projects at the Medical & Biological Startup Challenge 2018.

The startup competition is held by Innovation House jointly with the Ukrainian Medical Association of the United Kingdom (UMAUK). In light of the brain drain in Ukraine, this challenge is aimed at offering support to residents, who come up with medicine-focused projects at any stage: idea, pre-seed, prototype or a finished product. Ultimately, researchers and innovators are provided with the opportunity to introduce their developments to both British and Ukrainian medical communities, business angels and investors. Among the Ukrainian judges are Max Polyakov, Managing Partner at Noosphere Ventures, Michael Ryabokon, driver of Innovations at Noosphere, founder of Noosphere Engineering School, and Vadym Biloshytsky, Deputy Director for Research at Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

The competition period has already started, the preliminary stage of reviewing projects will last untill February 17, 2018. Max Polyakov will join the panel of judges in London that will stage for the finals of the challenge, held within the Medicine and Innovation UMAUK Annual Conference in May 2018. Finalists are encouraged to give a short pitch and demonstrate that they deserve to participate in acceleration programs in London to attract investment. Apart from the challenge, this is a good chance for the finalists to listen to conference talks on hot topics relevant to healthcare from leading lecturers, scientists and researchers.


This is the first time Max Polyakov, co-founder of Association Noosphere, decided to take part in an event, which he did not initiate on his own. He explained that scientific subjects covered at the Medical & Biological Startup Challenge were of special interest because they coincided with his medical education. Max Polyakov earned a master’s degree in medicine followed by another in economics. The global scientific community appreciated his doctoral thesis in 2013 focused on information technology development in global economy.

In Ukraine, Max Polyakov’s Noosphere holds an annual engineering startup competition, the Vernadsky Challenge. Students, young researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, and engineers are encouraged to address technology challenges and submit projects in one of 11 areas, including medicine. Since its inception in 2015, more than 500 solutions and ideas have been submitted. What is more, finalists of the Vernadsky Challenge keep on conquering international markets, to say nothing of Cardiomo, the first system for consumer health monitoring, which was highlighted on air by CNN Global in Las Vegas.